Band Bio




1. a device having a revolving hub with radiating blades, for propelling an airplane, ship, etc.

2. a person or thing that propels

3. Your new favorite band

Why is the band called "PROPELLER"?  Good question.  Here are three possible reasons;  (Feel free to pick the one you like the best...or contact us and suggest another if you like.)   


 - Propellers always push forward, they never go backward...just like life does.  We are always moving forward.  We can never go back to the past...and neither does the band.

- Everyone has a passion, something that motivates and propels them through the rest of the week's obligations so we can do what we love.  Making music propels us.  What propels YOU?

- Music and rhythm propel people to dance and sing.  People who dance and sing propel us to make music.  We feed off the energy of our fans so that they can feed off of OUR creative energy.  We propel each other forward.


Jeff Stachowski

Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Drums, Bass, Loops, and Video

Jeff is the primary songwriter and singer/guitarist for PROPELLER. 

Jeff has a knack for writing deceptively catchy tunes with clever lyrics to tell relatable stories.

TRIVIA FACT: Jeff is probably the biggest Frank Zappa fan you will ever meet.

The Wardun

Bass, Vocals, Glockenspiel, Audio Wizardry

He is a versatile multi-instrumentalist who's catchy and melodic bass lines perfectly compliment Jeff's songs and propel them along. 

(Pun intended )

TRIVIA FACT: The Wardun is the de facto Musical Director for PROPELLER.

Guest Musicians and Friends of PROPELLER

PROPELLER is grateful to have a support system of good friends and great musicians that help us do what we do.  THANK YOU!

Chris Babler - Live Drums

Robb Lindsey - Guitar, Mandolin
Eddie D - Ghost Vocals

Cameron Sather - Live and Studio Drums

Tin Man Travis - Live Guitars

Travis Montoya - Studio Drums, Glockenspiel

Brian 'The Time Traveler' Hall - Electronic Drums

Eric Ellis - Live and Studio Drums